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    Security Cameras and Other Services in Canberra

    We understand our clients need world-class security for a variety of situations. We offer a wide range of security guards in Canberra to fit our clients' individual needs. We continue to grow our services for our clients to ensure they recieve the highest quality security services best suited for them.

    Services We Provide

    Retail & Corporate Security Services:

    • On location security
    • Commercial building security
    • Government facilities security
    • Gated community security
    • Retail & corporate security
    • Dipolmatic embassies
    • ACT schools
    • Special event security
    • Construction Security

    Personal Protection:

    • Celebrity protection
    • Bodyguards
    • Plain clothes officers
    • Executive security protection
    • Private investigation and surveillance
    • Personal protection

    Cash In Transit:

    • Armed security guards in Canberra
    • Sales event security
    • Cash in transit

    Private Investigation & Surveillance:

    • Armed guard security services
    • Undercover operations
    • Internal theft
    • Loss prevention security services
    • Mobile security surveillance
    • Private investagation & surviellance

    OH&S Risk Management:

    • Construction security
    • Office building secuirty
    • Governmnet facilities security
    • Industrail security
    • Gated community security
    • OH&S Risk Management

    Crowd Control & Event Management:

    • Unarmed security guards in Canberra
    • Political events security
    • Sporting events security
    • Uniformed officers
    • Government functions security
    • Crowd control & event management

    CCTV Cameras:

    • CCTV: We will be offering CCTV monitoring for businesses looking for extra secuirty on their location. The will enable businesses to have activity monitored from a secure location.
    • Commercial Security Alarms: We will be offering security alarms fit for commercial sized businesses, needing additional security on the premises.

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